Possessive 's

Vprašanje 1
Put the phrases in the possessive form.
1. the books of the men.
2. the bikes of the women.
3. the toys of the children.
4. the ideas of our boss
5. the colour of the eggs
6. the house of my aunt.
7. the car of the family.
8. the bed of Luis.
9. the car of John and Ann.
10. a walk of a mile.
11. the profit of last year
12. the votes of the members
Vprašanje 2
Write the correct form of the possessives into the gaps (apostrophe 's).
1. This is book. (Peter)
2. Let's go to the . (Smiths)
3. The room is upstairs. (children)
4. sister is twelve years old. (John)
5. shoes are on the second floor. (men)
6. The melody almost made her cry. (violins)
CD player is new. (Charles)
7. These are the pencils. (boys)
8. The grades were above average.(students)