Vprašanje 1
Complete the sentences with the correct idiom.
by the skin of somebody's teeth/to turn a blind eye / to take something with a pinch of salt/to bite off more than you can chew/to pull yourself together/to blow somebody away/to cost an arm and a leg/to let the cat out of the bag/to see red/to face the music
1)This performance really . It was absolutely amazing.
2)John took some of my chocolate, but I .
3)Peter was caught breaking Jane's bicycle and now he has to .
4)I was running all the way to the train station, but I missed the train .
5)We were planning a surprise birthday party for Jessica, but she found out about it. Laura .
6)I think I when I agreed to organise the whole reunion by myself.
7)Hey, and start acting normally again!
8)I when I realised I wasn't invited to Cindy's party.
9)I take everything that Mitch says because he often just makes up things.
10)The festival tickets were so expensive! They .