Are you tired of being tired each spring?

The sun is getting warmer, birds are singing and the whole nature is awakening. Nevertheless, you feel weak and tired. Do you also lack energy, feel dizziness and tension in your muscles? Well, these are just some of the symptoms of the spring fatigue.

The doctors say that lack of sun light during the winter and the low physical activity are some of the factors for the development of spring fatigue. The sudden rise of temperatures causes our body to start cooling, vessels dilating, which increases the flow of blood in the organs and consequently causes lower blood pressure and increased metabolism. All this exhausts the body and we go into the state of fatigue.
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Another reason might be the fact that during winter our reserves of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin are exhausted and due to the lack of sun light the prevailing hormones becomes melatonin. When in spring the days become longer the ratio of the two hormones changes. The formation of endorphins, estrogens and testosterones increases, causing an extra strain on our body.

Some tips on how to overcome spring tiredness:

  • instead of morning coffee drink green or black tea to prevent the absorption of calcium in the body that makes us feel limp
  • eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as cereals, spinach, nettle, carrot, leeks, apples, mushrooms, nuts and fish
  • yarrow and thyme if consumed 1-2 daily will reduce the fatigue and nervousness
  • to regain energy prepare a carrot, lemon, orange, apple and celery juice
  • when cooking try using rosemary, basil and marjoram.

(Avtor: Michael Cannon)