Commonly confused phrases and idioms 2

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Complete the sentences with one of the phrases below:

make a mountain out of a molehill / cry over spilt milk / on cloud nine / skin and bones / the blind leading the blind / as you sow so shall you reap / a wolf in sheep's clothing

1. After he asked her to marry him, she was for months.
2. Just because you've made three mistakes in your assignment, doesn't mean you're going to fail the test. Don't .
3.Dan is not as nice as he might seem. I suspect he is .
4. Sarah offered to help me fill out my tax forms, but since she had never done it herself, it was a case of .
5. John should really eat more; lately he's been nothing but .
6. You shouldn't be mean to your friend; remember, .
7. So you've broken your mum's favourite vase, but there's nothing you can do about it now. So don't .